Share These Magic Tricks with Your Kids

Hey, kids! Are you wishing you could make your homework disappear? Although we can’t help you with that, here are some real magic tricks that you can do.

This is a great trick to do with a friend. Take a piece of paper and write down the numbers one to twenty. Choose one number and write it on a piece of paper. This is your prediction. Without showing your friend, fold the paper and place it to the side. Your friend will begin by choosing two numbers and saying them out loud. This is the “nomination.” From those two numbers, you choose one to eliminate. Cross this number off the list. It is now your turn. Nominate two numbers. Your friend will choose one and cross it off the list. Continue until there is only one number left. Open up your prediction and watch your friend be amazed when it is the same number!

The Trick: You control this trick by knowing ahead of time which number you want to remain at the end. When the first two numbers are nominated, if neither is the number you chose, it doesn’t matter which one you choose to eliminate. If one of them is your number, however, make sure to choose the other one. Every time it is your turn to nominate two numbers, do not choose your predicted number. That way, your friend cannot eliminate your number. If you continue with this strategy, you will always end up with your predicted number. Just a note: you can do this trick with different objects as well. If you ever start out with an odd number of objects, make sure that you go first and nominate the first pair. Otherwise, this trick will not work.

The Know It All
This is a great trick to do with a group of people. Have ready a paper bag and a small pad of paper. Tell your audience you can tell what is written on a piece of paper without seeing it. To prove it, get out your pad of paper and a pen. Go to each member of the group and ask them to tell you their name. As they say their name, write it on a slip of paper, tear it off the pad, fold it in two and place it in the paper bag. Then ask one of the audience members to choose one of the slips of paper. Without looking at it, hold it to your forehead. You will then say the name that is printed on the paper. Your audience will be amazed when you are correct.
The Trick: Before you begin polling your audience, decide on a name. When each person tells you his or her name, simply write down the name you chose. Thus, every slip of paper has the same name on it. When one is chosen, you will already know the name written on it.

Color Blind
This trick works well with a group of people. Take a box of crayons and give it to an audience member. Have someone place a blindfold on you. Ask the audience member to choose one crayon and show it to the rest of the group. Place your hands behind your back have him place the crayon in your hands. Say a few magic words and have him take the crayon back. Remove the blindfold, concentrate for a moment, and reveal the color of the crayon.

The Trick: When the crayon is in your hand, scrape it with your thumbnail. When the blindfold is removed, take a moment to look at your thumb. This is the moment when you seem to be concentrating. You will be able to see what color the crayon is.

At Juban Courts Apartments in Denham Springs, Louisiana, we hope you like reading these fun tips as much as we love sharing them with you. Be sure to share these magic tricks with your favorite little ones.

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